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with Frances Valentine MBRA

Listed on NHS Choices  

Trained with The Bayly School of Reflexology 

Member of The British Reflexology Association  

CNHC registered 

(Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council)

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a form of complimentary medicine which is wonderfully relaxing & uses massage to reflex points found in the feet (or hands).  Feet are predominantly used for treatment.  These reflex areas correspond to all the parts of the body and form a “map” of the body on the feet.  The right foot corresponds to the right side of the body and the left foot to the left side of the body.  Treating the body holistically helps with symptoms and the causes of symptoms.  It brings about a state of deep relaxation & stimulates the body’s own healing processes.  

This method has been used for thousands of years & is known to have been practiced in a similar manner by the Ancient Egyptians & Chinese as well as other civilisations.  

Reflexology today was formalised by the late Eunice Ingham, an American nurse who based her method on “zone therapy” which was described by an American, Dr William Fitzgerald in the 1920’s.  Doreen Bayly was the main pioneer in the UK and introduced this method here in the early 1960’s.  The official teaching body of the British Reflexology Association is The Bayly School of Reflexology.  

Reflexology may be used alongside orthodox medicine & may be particularly helpful with stress related symptoms.  Patients have reported benefits from such things as:  migraine, anxiety, sinus problems, circulatory problems, neuralgia, ménière’s disease, cramp, hormone imbalance, fertility issues, digestive issues, teenage concerns, tension and stress.  Most people who experience treatment would agree it is most beneficial, and an extremely relaxing therapy.


What a treatment involves

Treatment is given in The Barn at Tree Cottage, which is a private and comfortable room. 

Before any treatment, the patient’s detailed medical history will be discussed to identify any current or previous issues. Any medical details discussed will be treated as strictly confidential. 

The patient will be required to remove their socks & shoes and will be made comfortable in a reclining chair.  The feet will be examined before starting the treatment.

The massage has a precise order and has a firm pressure using the side and tip of the thumbs and fingers.  Every area of both feet will be massaged.  Sensitivity of the feet varies hugely but areas of the body which are particularly imbalanced tend to show as increased tenderness in the related reflex areas in the feet.   Frances will be aware of the sensitivity of the person as this varies from person to person, so pressure is tailored to the individual.  The massage should not be uncomfortable to even the most sensitive of feet. Frances can help to interpret the tenderness felt, if any.  

The treatment should last approximately 1hr - 1 & 1/4 hrs, & at the end the feet will feel warm & the patient relaxed.  The number of treatments varies depending on the condition being treated or whether the patient has solely come for relaxation.  

Following treatment occasionally the eliminating systems of the body become more active, however these reactions should not be severe.  

Reflexology should be a relaxing & pleasant treatment to maintain the body in good health.  

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Approx 1 hour treatment is £60.

If you book and pay for a course of 6 treatments the 6th treatment is complimentary. 

Reflexology vouchers are available should you wish to send a gift.


For more information or to book a session or a series of treatments please contact:

Frances Valentine

07726 312719

The Barn, Tree Cottage, Elsfield, Oxford OX3 9UH

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Testimonials from clients

“My first ever reflexology and with Frances it was a supremely calming experience: a sort of all-over mental and physical detox. Highly recommended. “ A P Beckley

“Frances treated my elderly mother who had never had reflexology before. Mum enjoyed the treatment so much and felt very calm and relaxed afterwards.”  Dr H North Oxford

“Frances treated me to an hour of complete relaxation, totally spoiling and rejuvenating.  I honestly didn’t want to leave!” V F Oxon

 “The moment I lay back in the chair I started to relax and before I knew it I fell into a deep restorative sleep. What a treat!”  Dr F Oxford

"A brilliant way to stop the frenetic pace of life for a brief period, especially for those of us who find it difficult to slow down."  Anon 

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